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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Correct Form, Reduce Injuries, & Beat Personal Bests on Your Way to the Best Shape of Your Life

Fitness Lifestyle
Fitness Lifestyle

Deal Ends : 07/24 - $ 49.95 (37% OFF)

The most advanced fitness wearable on Earth, Moov Now is an activity tracker, personal trainer, and dedicated statistician all in one. Moov's 9-axis Omni Motion™ sensor mirrors the navigation tech used in strategic missiles, capturing and analyzing your motion in 3D for incredibly nuanced feedback. Moov Now is committed to the idea that it's not how much you exercise, but how you exercise that's important. Monitoring your form, ensuring you stick to proper intervals, and training you towards higher levels, Moov Now goes well beyond other fitness trackers.
 Moov Now Personal Coach & Workout Tracker
  • Actively monitors your tendencies & advises you how to get the most out of you workout 
  • Measures your motion to improve your form & minimize the chance of injury 
  • Pushes you to work in proper intervals to recover safely & gain faster results 
  • Levels you up through gradually more intensive workouts 
  • Introduces a variety of training so your body avoids plateauing 
  • Talks you through workouts w/ real-time audio coaching for running, cycling, cardio boxing, & the most advanced swim tracking available
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