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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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Revogi 'Smart Meter' Bluetooth Outlet Take Full Control of Your Home Devices


Revogi 'Smart Meter' Bluetooth Outlet Take Full Control of Your Home Devices--& Lower Your Energy Bill While You're At It

Deal Ends : 07/30 - $ 24.99 (28% OFF)

The Revogi Smart Meter may be small, but its power is mighty. With just the Smart Meter and the Revogi Smart Meter Android or iOS app, you'll gain full wireless control of your home electronics and appliances. Simply plug your appliance into Revogi--and Revogi into your AC outlet, and start reaping the benefits. Set up schedules for turning devices on and off at specified times, and optimize your usage by viewing full breakdowns of where you're spending the most on your energy bill. 

 Revogi 'Smart Meter' Bluetooth Outlet

  • Set up schedules for automatically turning on & off appliances 
  • Avoid peak hours to take advantage of lower electrical pricing 
  • Get overcurrent protection 
  • Easily stop electrical consumption when an appliance is not in use. 
  • Get wireless control of your home devices w/ the free apps 
  • Get a full view of your electric consumption 
  • Measure & view both real-time power (Watts) and energy (kWh) usage for the past day, week, and month 
  • Discover which appliances & devices use the most energy
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