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Friday, June 24, 2016

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Create a Site in Under a Minute & Operate Up to 3 Blogs Like a Pro


Typed Plus Plan: 1-Yr All Access Subscription Create a Site in Under a Minute & Operate Up to 3 Blogs Like a Pro with This Streamlined Platform

Deal Ends : 06/27 - $ 30 (87% OFF)

Bloggers, take note! Typed makes managing and producing your blog easier than ever. With a simple, high-speed interface and unlimited page views and users, the Typed Plus plan allows you or a whole team to design, write, and publish blogs super efficiently. Regardless of where you’re publishing online, Typed is the platform to get you there. 

 Typed Plus Plan: 1-Yr All Access Subscription

  • Manage up to 3 blogs on the same plan 
  • Collaborate w/ an unlimited number of co-workers, friends, or family on any site you’re a member of through the same Dashboard 
  • Enjoy unlimited page views w/o getting penalized for a spike in traffic 
  • Import an existing domain name directly to Typed, or create a new one 
  • Build your own theme w/ Theme SDK or use one of Typed’s 11 templates 
  • Keep your blog posts organized w/ tags 
  • Drive traffic to your site w/ automatic SEO 
  • Host all of your images & websites on Typed 
  • Publish while you’re away from your computer w/ scheduled publishing
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