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Monday, February 29, 2016

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Make Calls from 2 Numbers with This Dual-Screen, Dual-SIM Phone

Lifestyle Smartphone
Lifestyle Smartphone

Siam 7x Dual Display Smartphone Multitask Like a Pro & Make Calls from 2 Numbers with This Dual-Screen, Dual-SIM Phone

Deal Ends : 02/29 $ 399 (27% OFF)

Meet a dual-screen smartphone like you’ve never encountered before. The Siam 7X boasts a full-HD front screen for your usual smartphone activities, such as texting and perusing apps. On the back, its Kindle-like e-ink display offers easy readability and low battery drain—perfect for activities you’d perform on a tablet, including long-form reading and social media browsing. On top of that, its dual-SIM setup allows you to make calls from two separate numbers, saving you the hassle of carrying around multiple phones. With all these features packed into a single, sleek package—there’s a lot to love here.  
 Make calls from 2 numbers with this dual-screen, dual_SIM phone
  • Utilize this premium, dual-screen smartphone for increased productivity 
  • Use the front screen as you would a normal smartphone: text friends, use apps, etc. 
  • Use the back screen as you would an e-reader or tablet, including by reading books & articles 
  • Avoiding draining phone battery using the low-power back screen 
  • Communicate freely w/ 2 different numbers on the same device due to the dual-SIM setup 
  • Unlock your phone w/ your ear image using ear recognition technology 
  • Benefit from biometrics monitoring during physical activities
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