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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Fray-Free Is the Way to Be For Your MacBook Cords

Charger Lifestyle
Charger Lifestyle
Fray-Free Is the Way to Be For Your MacBook Cords with Juiceboxx Charger Case.

Limited Time Offer : Ends 12/05 - $12.99 (35% OFF)

Protect your power and organize your MacBook charger with the Juiceboxx Charger Case. The super-strong hard-shell case works to keep your precious cord from being bent or damaged. It’ll make sure your cord stays fray-free so that it won’t short out and cause a fire, you won’t have to make a temporary fix with that not-so-attractive electrical tape, and best yet, you’ll save some cash because you won’t have to replace the charger or the cord. It’s a win, win, win.  

 Juiceboxx Charger Case

  • Case snaps onto your power adapter to prevent the cord from bending or being damaged  
  • Cover wraps around the bottom of a MacBook power adapter w/ a portion that extends over the spot where the cord attaches to it  
  • Patent-pending trumpet card extends the life of your charger 
  • Special groove wraps & stores your cord 
  • Super-strong Polycarbonate construction resists the scratches of daily use 
  • Cover helps to prevent dangerous electrical shorts 
  • Blue color adds some flavor to your basic charger

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