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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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Want to Secure Your Shiny New Expensive Drone? Now AIG Covers It !!

Drone Games
Drone Games
You got your shiny new toy - what else? It's the drone !!  You love it coz you can show it off to your friends, shoot those awesome aerial photos and movies.

But what happens to your money when your drone getting damaged or malfunctioning after a while. Who will cover it?  It's not a happy situation to be into.  Wish you had an insurance which is similar to your appliances to cover your drones too.

Yes, AIG seems to have heard your prayers.  Now AIG has come up with an unique insurance plan to cover your unmanned aircraft.  May be its not worthwhile if your drone isn't that expensive but it doesn't hurts to check out the details.  Given the popularity and proliferation of drones for not only entertainment but also for commercial purposes, its possible that other insurance providers jump the bandwagon soon.  Walmart has become the latest retailer to seek permission for drone based deliveries.

Well, before you sign up do check if it also covers damages due to flying on someone else's property coz in a recent court order the judge said that the drone had indeed invaded the privacy of the person who had shot it down.  

Before you buy and fly a drone, makes sure that you also check out the Federal Aviation Administration guidelines on the no-fly zones for the drones.  Download the handy no drone zone digital toolkit here.

Mapbox No Drone Zone Map too has an interactive no drone zone map for your reference.

Fly safely, obey the rules and enjoy your new drone experience !!

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