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Thursday, July 14, 2016

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Permanently Increase Your MacBook Air's Drive by 64GB with This Simple Add-On

Charger Cable Flash Drive Mac Storage
Charger Cable Flash Drive Mac Storage
TarDisk 64GB MacBook Drive Expansion Permanently Increase Your MacBook Air's Drive by 64GB with This Simple Add-On

Deal Ends : 07/15 - $ 149

There are many MacBook Air storage expansion methods out there, but none quite like this. Simply insert the TarDisk into your MacBook Air's SD-card slot and it will seamlessly and permanently add 64GB of storage to your existing drive, without slowing down your notebook. You'll be able to avoid those pesky "startup disk almost full" notifications a bit longer and extend your MacBook Air's life with one quick addition. 

 TarDisk Mac Drive

  • Install 64GB of additional, integrated, onboard, solid-state storage to your MacBook Air
  •  Harness the 17nm NAND die size for a faster, more stable experience 
  • Transfer data through UHS-1 SDXC protocol at Speed Class 3 or above 
  • Use 4k flash memory controllers for data allocation 
  • Access Apple Care for any TarDisk support needs 
  • Avoid malfunctions w/ the unibody aluminum enclosure 
  • Streamline the installation process w/ the new Pear 2.0 Installer

 TarDisk Macbook Drive


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